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Packing our bags for NACAC!

We will be at the NACAC conference in Baltimore this week!

Stop by and say hi to Cory and Erik- they will be hanging out in Booth 712.

Colleges... high schools.... member colleges... they want to talk to everyone, so wander on over. On Twitter? Follow us at www.twitter.com/anycollege

Parent Gap

No no, it's not the latest trendy store in the Gap line. It refers to an article recently posted by Inside Higher Ed (http://www.insidehighered.com/layout/set/dialog/news/2009/08/10/parents) about how low income parents are more likely to say there is no way their kids can attend college because there is no financial help and loans are too expensive.


Social Networking: Things To Be Aware Of.

Don't get me wrong, I think social networking on the web is fantastic. I've been able to keep in touch with friends over the years I otherwise would not have. I've been able to share in some cool moments with friends who I'm not on the "top 10 people I need to call' list as they announce life changing events. And hey, who isn't touched when you get 100 birthday wishes on your birthday?


Staying With the Times: Profs, Admin and Technology

I admit, I get a bit of a kick reading about the latest technology that has come out and then reading the comments on the article to see how many prophets of doom that have a PhD attached to their name like to come out and say that whatever the new gadget is will completely ruin education, etc etc etc.


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