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Top 5 Video Games that Taught Us Something

Video games have been around for a long time, but how many of them have been successful and educational at the same time? This question intrigued us enough to compile a list of the best of the best that we believe accomplished this goal.

Without further ado, here are our Top 5 Video Games that Taught Us Something:

1. Star Wars DroidWorks


Created by Lucas Learning in 1998, this games purpose was to create a droid using the many different parts that were provided.  After the droid was created the user was to complete specific missions and that's where the educational portion comes into play.  The missions consisted of puzzles that taught the user energy, force, simple machines, light, magnetism, and motion.

2. Donkey Kong Jr. Math


Also known as Donkey Kong Jr.'s Calculation Game, Nintendo released this game in 1983 for the original NES console.  This was the main "educational" related game created by Nintendo for North America.  The game unfortunately was noted as one of the worst video game launches ever made.

3. Mario Paint


This game was created by Nintendo in 1992 and required the user to have a special SNES Mouse to play the game.  Mario Paint was very well known because it needed the extra device to play the game.  The game taught users to be creative while playing games in the early 90's.  Mario Paint was ahead of its time until Microsoft Paint came out.

4. Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space

Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space also known as BARIS, was a big feat for the MS-DOS OS in 1993.  BARIS simulated space exploration and was a strategy game.  The object of the game was to have a successful manned moon landing.

5. Acme Animation Factory


Created by Sunsoft in November of 1993 for the Super Nintendo console.  This video game taught children the skills to be creative and learn animation.  The game consisted of giving the user a series of tools for them to create his or her own cartoons from the Looney Tunes crew.

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Leon's Gravatar Hey, thumbs up for mentioning BARIS! It may interest you or your readers to know that BARIS has been ported to modern operating systems. Also we've slightly improved its educational value over the original, in particular by making the astronaut roster more historically accurate (esp. as re. the Soviets). The port is available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/raceintospace/.
# Posted By Leon | 1/25/11 11:01 PM
AnyCollege Admin's Gravatar Thanks for the update Leon, very much appreciated!
# Posted By AnyCollege Admin | 1/27/11 11:31 AM
victorpius's Gravatar nice topics for your article - i think the combination of learning and entertainment are the most effective, entertained learning would be the term. Good to see Donkry Kong there in the list, those games from the eighties were fantastic!
# Posted By victorpius | 1/28/11 2:11 AM

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