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About AnyCollege.com

Mission – To provide the most comprehensive online source for researching the nation’s accredited colleges, allowing college bound students and higher education professionals to connect with one another.

AnyCollege.com is a college search portal designed to be the most user-friendly, interactive resource for college bound students starting their college search process.  Site layout and navigation have been designed to allow the user to quickly gain access to information and connect with the colleges that fit their interests and search actions.

AnyCollege.com Background

AnyCollege.com has focused on the college search process as the key component to providing an interactive resource for college bound students.  The student’s search process is broken into 4 basic phases:

Phase 1: Broad Search – In this phase students will use broad search criteria to perform an initial search.

Phase 2: Information Gathering – In this phase students select a list of colleges from their broad search results and start gathering general information about those colleges by visiting the website, requesting more information, etc.

Phase 3: Analyzing Information – In this phase students will use the information they’ve gathered from their short list of college and consider the benefits of each option.

Phase 4: Decision – In this phase students take all the information they have gathered and complete the college search process by selecting the college they will attend.

Understanding the college search process is important.  Nearly 70% of college bound students start in Phase 3 of the search process with a short list of colleges in mind.  AnyCollege.com is designed to ensure that its users are at the beginning of the search process in Phase 1.  Phase 1 is the most critical time for students to have all of their options available and for colleges to be available to prospects.

We are always looking for suggestions on how to improve our website.  If you have any questions or suggestions please e-mail us at mail@anycollege.com.  Thank you for using AnyCollege.com!

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